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Not all family beach portraits in Corolla, Duck and the entire Outer Banks are at the beach!

Many times not all members of your large family group vacationing with you are “beach people”, and a family portrait on the be would not represent your family at it’s best.

Or perhaps some members of your family are not psychically able to be on the beach and this is the first time their entire family has been together in years, and a group portrait of the whole family is what they really, really want.

family group photography in Corolla NC

Maybe the weather is not cooperating, and they cannot reschedule because of logistics.

When you hire me, this is never a problem, over the years I’ve photographed thousands of families of all sizes, with many special needs, and in many different locations, both indoors and out……..I know how to pivot when need be.

large family group portrait in Corolla OBX

Patience and planning are always a requirement when working with larger groups, especially on the beach!  Do your homework when choosing a beach portrait photographer. Call him or her.  Ask questions!  Get a feel of their attitude and professionalism.  The clients I serve are generally in the Corolla, Duck, Souther Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Inlet Beach, and Nags Head areas, which means I serve a lot of out-of-towners.  Your time is precious, so don’t just hire any beach photographer for your portrait session!  Make sure that they know how to work with groups, are not mainly wedding photographers, and know how to pivot! Contact me anytime for availability or other information.  I’m always happy to help!

Large family group photo taken in Corolla NC

Professional Cat and Dog Photography in NJ New Jersey

Pets and photography have always gone hand in hand. Because you’re here, it’s plain that you share a love of animals and an interest in having a portrait made of one(s). That’s why I created Muddy Paws Pet Portraits. Now you can capture the love you feel for your treasured dog or cat with my timeless classic portraits.

With over thirty five years of experience photographing pets, I’ve developed a rapport with animals of all types, and will work with you and yours until we create that perfect portrait.

I work with pets all over New Jersey including the towns of Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Long Valley, Chatham, Summit, Mendham, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, New Vernon, Hackettstown and Califon.

Classic Belly Baby Portraits

a photo of a 3 month old baby on his belly

When is the last time you saw a “belly baby” portrait?

They used to be oh so common, but nowadays not so much, they’ve kind of become a lost art.

In the old days when I had studios, we used to photograph hundreds of babies this way, and even before that, in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when I worked for the volume portrait companies, not Sears or JC Penney, but similar operations, I worked with and photographed thousands of belly babies, talk about a great way to learn and polish your craft.

In other words, I know my stuff, which is great for you since your baby will only be 3 – 5 or so months old once. When you hire me you know you know that the results will be great.

Classic Portraiture Is So Timeless, And Never Goes Out Of Style

When you and your baby are ready to to get started, just call or click, and I’ll explain how easy it is for you have a classic “Baby Belly” of your own!

Photos Of Young Children And Families On The Beach In Corolla OBX

a photo of a baby and parents walking on the beach in Corolla NC

It’s funny how often people inquire and say they have babies or little ones so don’t think they’ll do well on a shoot. I literally hear this all the time. As someone who photographs primarily families, I can honestly say babies and especially toddlers enjoy the beach as much as anyone else and are always engaged, they give us so many moments of exploration, love, and genuine curiosity to watch unfold in our time together. If there was ever something I’d want to hold to, it would be that time.

Reach out to me anytime at 908-313-6995 or fill out and submit the form on the contact page and I’ll explain how easy it is to have a photo shoot of your family on the beach in Corolla NC

A Dog Photographer That Dogs Love!

Why do dogs love me?

I don’t really know, but I guess the short and quick answer is that animals are all about energy and observation. We just seem to connect pretty quickly, and they can sense that I love them right away, and they just love me back.

Animals like dogs, cats, horses and other animals that have been domesticated have developed how to read our energy. It is a basic survival ability of theirs.

They just immediately trust me, and I believe that it shows in my dog portraits.

If you are a person animals are attracted to take it as a huge compliment of your energy. Animals that live with us are watching and learning about our behaviors all the time. They learn from our patterns and how we live our daily lives. If an animal does not know a person, they will go by their learned ability to trust certain types of energy. The energy may remind them of someone who was nice to them, someone they love or they may recognize your energy as being positive for them.

I believe animals are attracted to people who have a higher energy level. Animals notice this and they are drawn to it. The energy is calmer. The animals recognize the possibility for love. If animals are attracted to you, it is an honor. They are recognizing your energy and letting you know they think you are trustworthy.

I’ve been a dog and pet photographer for 35 plus years all throughout the great states of New Jersey and North Carolina, including the towns of Summit, Short Hills, Chatham, New Vernon,Basking Ridge, Berbardsville, Morrisrtown, Mendham, Chester, Hackettstown and the counties of Morris, Union, Somersert, Sussex and Hunterdon in New Jersey.

I hope to work with you and photograph your dog, cat, horse or other pet soon!

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Lots of images of large, medium and small family groups on and off the beach in New Jersey and Corolla and Duck and the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are also many images of sunrises, sunsets and surfing photos in the Outer Banks, along with a mix of dog and pet photography, business portraits and headshots from sessions in New York City and all over New Jersey. Lots of fun photos from my journey.

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