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So here it is gang, my little portrait studio in Historic Corolla Village in Corolla OBX

It’s just a stones throw from the Currituck Lighthouse and directly behind the bookstore, which everyone who has been to Corolla knows about, but just in case you need directions, my address is 1130-D Corolla Village Road, Corolla, N.C. 27927

Stop by to say hi anytime, the hours are by appointment, but if the door is open , c’mon in!

A Bit of Corolla Info

Although Corolla has gained national attention as one of America’s best-secluded beaches, Corolla still retains its small beach-town charm that attracted Outer Banks visitors in the first place. For vacationing families who want plenty of sand to spread out on, but would like to still enjoy the amenities of a resort beach community, Corolla is an ideal vacation destination.

Our small-town beach community combines all the best elements of a five-star resort vacation, while still encompassing that laid-back Outer Banks style that embraces the best beach life. With minimal development but lots of amenities, Corolla is perfect for those who want to get away from it all, but still enjoy all the best diningshopping, water sports, and amenities that the Outer Banks has to offer.

Corolla is known for its miles of beaches, as well as its array of restaurants, shops, and historic attractions. Corolla is also the home of several popular Outer Banks attractions, including the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, the Whalehead Club, the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education, and the Wild Horse Museum.

Corolla is located in the northernmost region of the Outer Banks, just north of the town of Duck, and just south of the 4WD beaches of Carova. It is part of Currituck County and is accessible via North CrolinaHighway 12 North.

Here, on the northern tip of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, you can explore miles of windswept remote beaches, the legendary Corolla wild horses, and many iconic historical sites.

Oh, and one last thing, it’s “Cor-rah-la”, not “Cuh-roll-uh”

In the grand scheme of things, this is probably the least important, but it’s worth noting that the pronunciation is a bit different than what it may look like at face value. It may be spelled the same as the popular Toyota sedan, but locals and frequent visitors know it’s a bit different.

Family and Dog Photography in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

The past few days have been an absolute joy as I’ve had the pleasure of photographing families and their dogs all over the beautiful Outer Banks. From the serene shores of Corolla to the vibrant beaches of Nags Head and the charming coastline of Kill Devil Hills, each location offered a unique and picturesque backdrop for capturing precious memories.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer in the Outer Banks is the opportunity to preserve these special moments forever. Each family I photographed brought their own unique energy and love, making every session a delightful experience. The children’s laughter, the playful antics of the dogs, and the heartfelt interactions among family members all contributed to creating timeless images that will be cherished for years to come.

In Corolla, the soft sands and gentle waves set the stage for stunning beach portraits. The golden hour light added a magical touch, illuminating the joy and connection among family members. It was particularly touching to capture moments with loved ones who may not be with us much longer. These photographs will serve as a lasting tribute to their presence and the love they shared with their families.

Nags Head offered vibrant sunsets and scenic views, perfect for family portraits. The families I photographed here were full of life and energy, making it easy to capture candid moments of joy and affection. Each session felt like a celebration of family bonds and the simple pleasures of spending time together by the sea.

In Kill Devil Hills, the relaxed coastal atmosphere provided a perfect setting for capturing genuine interactions and heartfelt moments. The families’ enthusiasm and love for one another shone through in every shot, resulting in portraits that beautifully reflect their unique connections.

It’s an honor to be a part of these special moments and to help families preserve the love and joy they share. Each photograph is a testament to the bonds that unite them, creating memories that will be treasured for generations. If you’re looking to capture your family’s special moments in the Outer Banks, I’m here to help you create lasting memories.

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Capturing Memories with a Photographer in Corolla, NC

Last evening, I had the pleasure of photographing another wonderful extended family portrait session in Corolla, NC. This time, the session included three adorable dogs, adding an extra layer of fun and charm to the experience. It’s moments like these that remind us to take the time to create lasting memories.

The stunning scenery of the Outer Banks provides the perfect backdrop for beach portraits that truly capture the warmth and special bond of your family. The golden sands, gentle waves, and breathtaking sunsets of Corolla, NC, set the stage for portraits that will be cherished for years to come. As a dedicated photographer in Corolla, NC, I strive to capture and preserve the love and affection that are uniquely your family’s essence.

My Masterpiece Beach Portraits are more than just photographs; they are a gift you give to yourself, your children, and generations to come. Each session is a unique opportunity to capture the genuine connections and heartfelt moments that make your family special. Whether it’s the playful antics of the kids, the tender interactions between grandparents and grandchildren, or the joyful presence of your furry friends, every detail is important.

I accept commissions across the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina, including the beautiful towns of Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Buxton, Rodanthe, Waves, and Hatteras. Each location offers its own unique charm and scenic beauty, making every session a distinct experience.

In addition to these well-known towns, I regularly work in the 4×4 beach town of Carova and the neighboring beach communities of Seagull, Penny’s Hill, Swan Beach, and North Swan Beach. These off-the-beaten-path locations provide a serene and picturesque setting for capturing your family’s moments in a truly unique way.

As your photographer in Corolla, NC, I am committed to creating beautiful, timeless portraits that you and your family will treasure. If you’re planning a family gathering in Corolla or any of the surrounding Outer Banks communities, consider scheduling an extended family portrait session. It’s a wonderful way to capture the special moments and preserve the love and joy of your family for generations to come.

Let’s make your beach portrait session an unforgettable experience. Contact me today to book your session and start creating your family’s masterpiece.

Duck, N.C. Family Photography

Last evening, I had the pleasure of photographing a truly wonderful extended family portrait session on the beautiful beaches of Duck, NC. The setting sun provided a stunning backdrop, casting a warm, golden glow over the ocean waves and soft sands, creating the perfect atmosphere for capturing timeless memories.

The family, comprising three generations, gathered together with infectious joy and excitement. From grandparents to toddlers, the love and connection among them were palpable, making each photograph a heartfelt snapshot of their bond. The session started with a few classic group portraits, ensuring we captured everyone together in the serene coastal environment.

As the evening progressed, we moved on to smaller group shots, highlighting the individual families and their unique dynamics. The children, full of energy and laughter, brought an extra layer of fun to the session. Their playful antics and spontaneous giggles made for some genuinely candid and adorable moments that were a joy to capture.

One of the most memorable parts of the evening was watching the grandparents interact with their grandchildren. The warmth in their eyes and the joy in their smiles were a testament to the love that has been nurtured over the years. We captured tender moments of grandparents holding hands with their grandchildren, walking along the shore, and sharing stories, which I’m sure will be cherished for years to come.

The session concluded with a series of fun, relaxed shots as the family played in the surf and sand. The sun dipped below the horizon, leaving behind a sky painted with hues of pink and orange, creating the perfect ending to a beautiful evening.

Photographing this extended family on the beach in Duck, NC, was an absolute delight. Their joy, love, and connection were truly inspiring, and it was an honor to capture these precious memories. If you’re planning a family gathering in Duck, NC, consider an extended family portrait session to preserve the beautiful moments shared with your loved ones.

Just a quick video from after an extended family portrait session in Swan Beach section of the 4 x 4 beach.

“Classically digital” aptly characterizes my portraiture style, seamlessly blending traditional artistic elements with modern digital techniques. As a Corolla family photographer my approach to family portraits infuses classical composition principles, such as balance, symmetry, and lighting, with the precision and versatility of today’s digital tools.

a photo of a family on the beach in corolla nc

Each of my OBX beach portraits exudes a timeless elegance, yet resonates with contemporary relevance through meticulous attention to detail and expert digital manipulation and hand retouching. This fusion results in portraits that possess a unique charm, marrying the sophistication of classical artistry with the dynamic possibilities afforded by digital mediums. My mastery of this synthesis elevates my portraiture to a level where tradition meets innovation, producing captivating images that endure beyond the confines of time. As a photographer in Corolla,NC whose work exudes a refined aesthetic, characterized by meticulously composed shots and attention to detail reminiscent of traditional portrait masters, I am dedicated to capturing the essence and beauty of each individual and family that I photograph. Reach out to me anytime at 800-646-5812 os simply fill out the form below and click send!

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Lots of images of large, medium and small family groups on and off the beach in New Jersey and Corolla and Duck and the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina. There are also many images of sunrises, sunsets and surfing photos in the Outer Banks, along with a mix of dog and pet photography, business portraits and headshots from sessions in New York City and all over New Jersey. Lots of fun photos from my journey.

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