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I’m committed to helping my clients enjoy and preserve the special moments, stories and photos of their lives. And I take that commitment seriously. That’s why I offer fully retouched, custom printed and hand finished museum quality archival prints of my images and not just digital files.

My prints will be around for hundreds of years, but who knows how long before that CD/DVD breaks, becomes obsolete, or that hard drive crashes.

Beware of photographers that offer only digital files, in most cases these are straight out of the camera digital files or digital files that have had some automatic actions run on them. These type of files usually print horribly and are typically sold by photographers that have little to no knowledge of professional retouching or print enhancement techniques.

from the Image Permanence Institute
at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Color and Black & White prints, not electronic files, are the best way to ensure that digital images will be preserved for future generations. Many options, including traditional photographic prints, are now available for producing color prints from digital images. When properly stored, dye-based inkjet and dye diffusion thermal transfer prints have stability comparable to that of traditional photographic prints. Pigment-based inkjet and color electrophotographic prints are even more
stable. All technologies may be vulnerable to damage from light, air pollution, and improper
handling. Understanding the differences between available technologies and proper storage of
the resulting prints is the key to long-lasting color prints.

Feel free to ask me and I’ll explain how to best preserve your prints.

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