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Large Family Group Beach Portrait Photography in Corolla & Duck in the Outer Banks OBX

Large Family Group Beach Portrait Photography in Corolla & Duck in the Outer Banks OBX

I love to work with large family groups and create classic timeless portraits for my clients!

corolla obx large family group photography

I create them for discerning families almost everyday in the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina, from the Carova Beach 4×4 area all of the way down to Hatteras, and especially in the northern beach communities of Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla and Swan and Carova beaches.

Great portraits don’t happen by accident, it takes a special skill set to create these perfect family group portraits, one that is acquired over many years………getting unruly children ( and grown ups lol ) to cooperate, making the session fun for everyone and getting great results, every time, that’s no small feat………….I’ve been doing it since 1978, so I definitely have my 10,000 hours in working with families of all sizes and shapes.

Compare my work to that of other Outer Banks Family Photographers, and I think you will agree, when you want the best for your family, you should call me.

You can reach me almost anytime at 800-646-5812 or you can complete the form and click submit

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Family Portrait Photography in Corolla and Duck in the Outer Banks OBX

Family Portrait Photography in Corolla and Duck in the Outer Banks OBX

……. and not just in Corolla and Duck, but in the entire Outer Banks of North Carolina too. From the ferries in Hatteras to the Virginia line on the 4×4 beach in Carova, I have been creating my portrait art of large family reunions, small family groups, children of all ages, from 10 days to over 100 years, and even all types of pets.

outer banks family photography

When you want it done right, when you want real portrait art that you will proud to display on the wall of your home, and to share with your family and loved ones, be sure to get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to chat with you and go over all of the details on how it all works. From selecting the best day of the week for you and your family, to selecting the best images from your session to display on your wall, I will be with you every step of the way.

and it is oh so easy to get in touch, you can call me any time at 800-646-5812 or you can simply complete the form below and click submit. I can’t wait to hear from you so we can start creating some amazing art together!


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newborn photography – morris essex union bergen county nj

Newborn Portraits and Photography

Photographed a newbie today, well, not really a newbie, 18 days old, and I have to tell you, I am always totally amped when creating my portraits, but there is something oh so special about a newbie, that new baby smell, the softness, they seem so light and precious, and the proud parents are so loving and caring. There really is nothing like a newborn baby.

This image, (from the back of my camera), or any other from this two hour session, once it is processed and art-worked and printed archivealy onto canvas or acid free paper, will be a magnificent piece of art, and will be seen every day for years when it is hung on your wall, and will be around forever, even for this little newbies granddaughter to see and admire….. 

And that is awesome.

morris county newborn photographer

The thing that gets me is that so many people today think digital files are superior to having a printed piece of art of that once in lifetime portrait, and while digital files are great for sharing with your friends, you know that you will eventually lose that file over the years either to a computer crash, operating system changes, or just plain sloppiness in your or your heirs filing system.

What a shame it would be to deny this newbies granddaughter of enjoying this image……….


Febapple Frozen 50K

and on another note, here I am looking a little weary, though not too worse for wear after 21 miles into a 31 .07 mile race the other day at South Mountain Reservation in Maplewood, NJ. What a beautiful day it was in the middle of February in New Jersey. The race is put on by NJ Trail Series, run by race director Rick McNulty and his wife Jennifer. If you ever want to participate in a great trail race, check these guys out.

bergen county newborn photographer

…………and the running streak has now hit 3342 days in a row!



How about a pet portrait for Valentine’s Day?

Just a little over a week until Valentine’s Day!

If you want something really special for the one you love, consider a pet portrait from Lorenz Fine Photography. Or even better yet, give your Valentine a gift certificate so that you can all be in the portrait together! Did you know that the average life span of a dog is just 10-13 years? What could be more meaningful to your Valentine than a portrait of his or her special friend?

pet portraits in new jersey

If you’ve ever tried to capture your pet’s personality with a camera, you know how difficult it can be. Getting a dog or cat to sit still, look directly at you without distraction, and arranging the right lighting and background takes skill and  a lot of experience. I’ve been photographing pets and their people for decades! I know that you’ll be pleased with the results…and so will your Valentine!

mendham morris county nj dog photographers

So if you would like more information about my pet portraits and gift certificates, or you would like to schedule your very own portrait session ( or one for your pet ), call me anytime at 800.646.5812 or complete the form below and click submit.

Talk to you soon!

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Pet Portraits ?

Pet Portraits? – a few thoughts

I work with, and have worked with and created portraits of pets and families and children with pets for many, many years. Mostly dogs and cats, but over the years all types of animals have come before my lens………..horses, lizards, birds and even ferrets! It’s no lie that we really love our pets.

But, with a plethora of movies, books, and websites devoted to all things doggy, it’s pretty safe to say most of you out there love dogs. But if you’re still not quite convinced (or if you just want to see what the top five reasons for loving dogs are) then read on!

The top 5 reasons we love dogs

( saw these on the web and just had to share )

#5 Not a Chef? Not a Problem.

Dogs really don’t care if you’re a five-star culinary artist, or if you can barely open a can of soup. Nope. They love you because you’re you. And they will pretty much eat up anything you give them (though if you’re part of the latter group, you’d probably be best sticking to quality dry and wet food from the pet store).

 nj dog photographers

#4 An Instant Exercise Partner

Living in a world of couch and computer potatoes means it’s sometimes hard to become motivated, go outside, and get all healthy and fit. It’s not like we have Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser hounding us, and a goldfish certainly isn’t going to get us moving out the door …

But a dog? One look at that furry face when you go near the leash and you’re walking out the door (and let’s face it, with some dogs, it’s running) for at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t even feel like exercise!

#3 The Cheapest Shrink Around

When you’re feeling down and thinking no one loves you, you always have a snuggle partner to make you feel better. That is, if you own a dog. Why? Dogs love to snuggle, they love to put their head in your lap, and they let you know that no matter what, they love you, and always will. Dogs are better than ice cream. This is a fact.

mendham chester nj pet portraits

#2 (Wo)Man’s Best Friend, Forever

Unlike the latest gadget or gizmo, you’ll never grow tired of a dog. From the infancy of a puppy to the regality of an old dog, canines are a constant source of surprises and rewards.

Sure, training a puppy is challenging, but they’re oh-so-adorable. Young dogs are energetic and love getting into trouble, always keeping you on your toes. An older dog, meanwhile, is mellow, loyal, and loving — they’re like an old friend that has grown to adore you over the years. Yep, better than any Wii video game.

pet portraits summit short hills chatham nj

#1 Love!

Dogs wait at the door when they know you’re coming home. They dance for you with excitement when they see you. And they’re always deliriously ecstatic to see you.

No matter what.

Even if you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had the time to give your dog the attention he deserves, he’s still madly waiting for you to come home. He doesn’t care if you have a zit, got fired, dumped, or made a really bad fashion choice that day. All he wants is you. He loves you unconditionally. And that, my friends, is the ultimate reason why you should love dogs.

So, there you have it. The top five reasons to love dogs and why you should have a beautiful portrait of that very special friend. Of course, there are so many more, but I don’t have all day!

So when you are ready to have a portrait of that very special friend, whether you are at the beach in New Jersey or the Outer Banks of North North Carolina, or if you are located in one of the many areas that I work in up north in NJ or NY ( Manhattan,  Summit, Short Hills, Chatham, Mendham, Chester, Bedminster, Basking Ridge, Far Hills or Bernardsville – these are some but not all of the towns that I work in ), call me anytime at 800.646.5812 or complete the form below and click submit.

Talk to you soon :-)

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