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Professional Dog Photographer

Professional Dog Photographer in NJ and OBX

Those eyes, when they are looking right at you, what do you feel? If you are an animal person those eyes connect with your soul, as a professional dog photographer, I know they do with me.

a professional studio photo of a dog

When you are being taken care of throughout life by an animal, be it a cat, a dog, a horse, a bird, or even a ferret, you know the feeling of unconditional love and attachment.

The animal world is full of magnificent and beautiful creatures who are a significant part of our biodiversity.

As a professional dog photographer in New Jersey and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I know that all pets are amazing creatures that show us, unconditional love, daily. They are pure and loving and we can learn a lot from them to strengthen our own relationships in life.
Animal lovers are the best people to be around because no one else understands care and compassion better than them. If one has loved animals with all their heart, it’s most unlikely that they’ve never been disappointed in return.

Unfortunately, the sad fact is that our pets do not live forever, and when they do cross over that bridge we are devastated. What better way to honor the memories and times you’ve shared with your pet than to have a professional pet portrait made.
And is so easy to do!

But my dog would never sit still for a portrait!

It really is funny how often people inquire and say they have crazy pups or super shy dogs or cats and don’t think they’ll do well in a photo session. I literally hear this all the time. As someone who photographs dozens of dogs every year, both in the mountains of New Jesrey and the beaches in the Outer Banks, I can honestly say pets enjoy these photo sessions as much as anyone else and are always engaged. They give us so many moments of exploration, love, and genuine curiosity to watch unfold in our time together. If there was ever something I’d want to hold on to, it would be that time.

Whether you’re in one of the many counties in New Jeresy, such as Morris, Sussex, Warren, Somerset, Hunterdon, Bergen or the towns of Corolla, Duck or Nags Head in the Outer Banks, the first step in having a professional pet photo made is to reach out to me to discuss what it is you are looking for. I’ll explain the process, go over what products are available, and plan the perfect photo session for your family and pet. Just reach out to me at 800-646-5812 or click the book now button on top of the page and send in the form, and I’ll be back with you as soon as possible.

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