my portraits never grow up…………
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my portraits never grow up…………….but kids sure doouter banks family photography

Many of you have probably seen the image on top, it’s been around awhile, I use it a lot, hey, it’s on the front page of this website, and has always been one of my favorites, from a session 10 years ago with one of my favorite clients – a beautiful canvas wall portrait of it is proudly displayed in my clients home. Well, the image below it was photographed last evening, and is of the same girls 10 years later! It doesn’t get a whole better than this!


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and on another note, today the running streak hit three thousand eight hundred and forty six days in a row of running at least one mile a day, most days are more, and this year I’m averaging about 4 and a half miles a day. Check out the video from this mornings Facebook post.


Today was an absolutely beautiful morning for a five mile run along the Currituck Sound and along the ocean. A soft cool breeze was blowing the entire time and even though it was getting warm fast ( I started at about 6:15 A.M. ) it never got too warm or hot, and the breeze just  made the entire run so pleasant it was one of those that I could have keep going for a long time.